Cubero Cigarillos Wild

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  • 3 Pouches (15 Cigarillos)
  • 5 Pouches (25 Cigarillos)
  • 10 Pouches (50 Cigarillos)
  • 50 Pouches (150 Cigarillos)
  • 100 Pouches (500 Cigarillos)
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Cubero Cigarillos Wild for sale

  • Dominican Cigar.
  • Cigarillo Size.
  • Mild – Medium Strength.

If you enjoy Backwoods, you’ll love Cubero Wild! 5 tasty cigars in hermetically-sealed packaging to keep it perfectly moist for your enjoyment. Rich, graham cracker-ish notes throughout and a pleasant aroma will keep you coming back for these 10 minute cigars.

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Cubero Wild Cigars, a modern brand with a rich heritage of excellence, is a proud member of the STG Lane family, renowned for fine cigars, pipe tobacco, and roll-your-own products. The collaboration of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Swedish Match, and Lane Ltd. ensures unparalleled quality.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group, with a legacy spanning over 250 years, is esteemed for supplying top-quality tobaccos at accessible prices. The 2010 merger with Swedish Match, known for iconic products like Longhorn snuff and White Owl cigars, solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

Operating under the name Scandinavian Tobacco, the company produces billions of cigars and tons of tobacco products annually. Cubero Wild Cigars offer a sensory journey with blends reminiscent of exotic destinations.

Blend No. 35, with hints of rum, sugar cane, and mint, evokes sun-drenched beaches. Blend No. 12 combines coffee and chocolate flavors for a taste of South America, while Blend No. 07 offers a sweet, grape-laced flavor akin to Mediterranean wine.

These blends showcase Cubero Wild Cigars’ diverse offerings, each with its unique appeal. For filtered cigar enthusiasts, Cubero Wild Cigars offers a wide selection of flavorful options.

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Number of Pouches/ 5 Cigarillos per Pouch

3 Pouches (15 Cigarillos), 5 Pouches (25 Cigarillos), 10 Pouches (50 Cigarillos), 50 Pouches (150 Cigarillos), 100 Pouches (500 Cigarillos)

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Cubero Cigarillos Wild

$29$450 (-18%)

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