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Cubero Cigarillos for sale

We now ship Cubero Cigarillos all over Canada. Medium bodied, rich taste with cocoa & coffee overtones. Save on 2. Cigar experts since 1839. Finest quality. Traveling the world to find the very best tobacco and flavors available. Master blenders. The freshest ingredients. Fine cigars. The luxurious Cubero cigars deliver a unique flavor and superior smoking experience and are made with natural leaf wrappers and high quality tobaccos. These cigars are predominantly natural tobacco with non-tobacco ingredients added. 10/2 foil packs. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

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Cubero is an attractive and great-tasting brand of cigarillos crafted with 100% aged tobaccos and a gorgeous natural wrapper leaf. Expect a smooth, mellow experience with plenty of flavor. Here’s the deal with these little fresh pouch packed gems: unfortunately these are no longer in production and the factory that made them wanted to clear house. So we burned a few down and they were actually pleasant little flavored cigarillos. So in typical CI fashion, we navigated a deal to buy up all the inventory they had at unbelievable prices. And now were passing the savings on to you. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Cubero Cigars stands as a contemporary enterprise deeply rooted in a rich heritage of excellence and flavor. As a proud member of the STG Lane family, the foremost producer of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, and roll-your-own items globally, Cubero inherits a legacy of distinction. Comprising Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Swedish Match, and Lane Ltd., the company embodies a fusion of unparalleled expertise.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group boasts a legacy spanning over 250 years since its inception in Copenhagen, Denmark. Renowned for supplying the finest and most flavorful tobaccos throughout its existence, it has consistently delivered unrivaled quality at accessible prices.

In 2010, STG merged with Swedish Match, an established entity dating back to 1917, renowned for its iconic tobacco products like Longhorn snuff, White Owl cigars, and Red Man chewing tobacco. This union positioned the new entity for preeminence, a status solidified the following year with the acquisition of Lane Ltd., a U.S.-based firm.

Despite its evolution, the company retains the name Scandinavian Tobacco as homage to its heritage. As the leading manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco globally, it produces over 2.5 billion machine-made cigars, 115 million hand-rolled cigars, 2,175 tons of pipe tobacco, and numerous other items annually.

Cubero cigars offer a sensory voyage akin to a global expedition. Each blend presents the essence and taste of distant lands, transporting enthusiasts to different eras and locales.

Blend No. 35 evokes sun-kissed beaches with hints of rum, sugar cane, and mint, offering a harmonious blend of sophistication and relaxation.

For a taste of South America, Blend No. 12 combines coffee and chocolate flavors reminiscent of Andean breezes, ideal for reflective moments.

Blend No. 07 mirrors the experience of savoring fine Mediterranean wine, with its grape-infused sweetness invoking the serene ambiance of a vineyard at sunset.

These selections represent only a glimpse into Cubero’s diverse range of blends, each possessing its unique allure and character, deserving exploration and appreciation. Additionally, Cubero offers a broad selection of filtered cigars for those seeking a refined smoking experience.

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Cubero Cigarillos

$15$545 (-27%)

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