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“For the man who likes his pleasures wild and mild. .”

Buy Backwoods Cigars online in Canada:

We are proud of providing the wildest tobaccos obtained directly from its producers.
All tobaccos are stored in a Bonded Warehouse. Not paying any duties and taxes as located in a Bonded Warehouse and thanks to this we can provide you the top quality tobaccos for an affordable price.
We look forward to seeing you at Backwoods Store online for your authentic and widest tobaccos online for sale with the excellent prices.

Buy Cheap Backwoods Cigars Wholesale Here:

Firstly, the search for the top online cigar retailer is over. We proudly present you with all of the amazing cigars you have been looking for. Backwoods Cigars also have a unique flavor that other cigars just can’t bring to the table. You can’t get all of the sizes and flavors you want from any old cigar shop. 

Furthermore, We give you all the choices you can handle and then some. Backwoods Cigars are favored among newer and more traditional cigar smokers. These high-quality cigars are some of the best examples of our promise to bring you the best cigars at the best prices. If you buy in bulk today, you can also get free shipping on orders over 150 dollars. Without further ado we present Backwoods Cigars for your enjoyment. 


Backwoods cigars are the perfect cigar for the consumer who likes the feel of a hand-rolled cigar with the great price of a machine-made one. The cigars are also distinctive not only for their packaging but for the frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head of the cigar itself. Moreover, Cigars come in many great flavors which include Black and also Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Sweet Aromatic, Honey Berry and Wild N Mild. Unit contains 8 packs of 5 cigars. Backwoods website, backwood cigars near me

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