Backwoods Original Cigars (Pack of 40)

$39$2,195 (-15%)

Each Box contains 40 Backwoods Cigars of Original Flavor.
Backwoods Honey cigars is good for relaxation and smoking joy

Diameter : 32 Ring

Wrapper: Natural
40 in packs of 5
4 1/8 x 27
  • 1 Box
  • 3 Boxes
  • 5 Boxes
  • 10 Boxes
  • 25 Boxes
  • 50 Boxes
  • 100 Boxes

Backwoods Original Cigars 8/5Ct for sale

You can consider our store the most reliable place to order backwoods original cigars. Made by the legendary Altadis U.S.A. Backwoods are machine-rolled small cigars that are excellent for a daily smoke. Due in large part to their high rate of production, this brand has earned widespread acclaim over the years and remains as popular as ever among consumers. Pick up a pack and light up what has been called one of the most influential cigarettes of the past few years for its wonderful variety of flavors.  You can also get backwoods original cigars for sale, backwood delivery, backwoods products, backwood originals. Backwoods Original Cigars

Buy Backwoods Original Cigars online Canada

In 1981, Backwoods Original Wild and Mild Cigars were released to the general public, and they quickly became a hit. To enjoy the outdoors with one of these tasty, light cigars is a breeze. Their manly allure is enhanced by their airtight foil sack and rough appearance. We offer the best backwood delivery worldwide

Although Backwoods cigars are available in many various blends, styles, and flavors, its original mix is especially well-liked by individuals who identify as “rugged men.” The cigars are a classic favorite among campers and hikers due to their rugged appearance (tapered body, frayed end, and unfinished head). They are packaged in an airtight foil pouch to keep them from drying out and losing their distinctive flavor. These cigars, manufactured with premium tobacco and a higher moisture content than typical, are bursting with the rich, enticing tastes of sugar and spice. They have a very light smoke and come in boxes of 8. Backwoods products, backwood originals

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Quantity (Each Box contains 8 packs of 5 Backwood cigars each)

1 Box, 3 Boxes, 5 Boxes, 10 Boxes, 25 Boxes, 50 Boxes, 100 Boxes

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Backwoods Original Cigars 8/5Ct are the perfect choice for a smooth, mellow smoke. Made with all-natural tobacco, they provide a satisfying experience.

Backwoods Original Cigars (Pack of 40)

$39$2,195 (-15%)

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